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Fantastic Weekend



Weekend All Inclusive

Escape to the countryside, to a special place!

With a unique natural environment, a weekend to recover energy relax and share what life is really good.


Hiking, horseback riding, hiking, relaxation total.
Drink at the highest level.
Personal attention.


  • Accommodation
  • All meals included.(breakfast & Lunch)
  • Wine and refreshments included.
  • Ride to the hills of the Coast Range or Horseback Chanco secluded beaches.
  • Hot Tubs.
  • Native forest.
  • Excursion to National Reserve.
  • Appetizers included.




Us Dollar 499,00

3 days / 2 nights

All inclusive 2 guests

(*) Values ​​in American Dollar




PHONE 24 HRS: +56 9 240 30 90  


By Data Logica

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