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Rural Equestrian Tourism


In Chanco, a small town located in the Region VII and declared a typical zone, a comfortable colonial ranch house invites tourists to enjoy country life to the full.
The San Bonifacio Ranch is one of the best examples of true rural tourism in our country, allowing enjoyment of an authentic country lifestyle.

It si located near Cauquenes, Region VII only munutes from Chanco . a hundred year old colonial village, declared a typical zone in 2000 - and surrounded by the natural landscape that makes up two National Reserves - Frederic Albert and Los Ruiles -, the Reloca Nature Sanctuary, the native forest of Tregualemu, Hills, rivers and sea, beaches and sand dunes. In this spectacular envronment, a comfortable patriarchal ranch house, in the colonial style, is prepared to offer tourists the revitalizing experience of sharing country life.

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